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Our luxurious and well equipped apartments make us one of the best choice to stay in Rome. We fully understand and respond to your individual needs better than any competitors. Casa Italia offers you:


  • We have chosen the best possible selection of apartments available to give you the best comfortable and affordable accommodations
  • We can arrange any kind of service on arrival in Italy. We work ceaselessly on providing new and carefully selected services as a part of our offer.


  • We are an Italian team and We help you to plan your holiday as we know Italy and Rome intimately.


  • Casa Italia is a company with over 20 years of experience in touristic services and renting apartments
  • Our team is committed to provide the highest level of service to really make your stay pleasant and fulfilling.

Client testimonials

Dani Peer    10 September 2014   

Dear Patrizia, We came this morning after 2 amazing weeks in Italy.
The apartment in Rome was great, great location, internet etc. It exactly what I was looking.
The villa of Borgo it’s an amazing place. Great for families. The apartment was great, the view was wonderful, and I would like to thank you for insisting me to take this place. The apartments are with air condition (very important in summer). The apartment has no oven, which is a disadvantage, but other than that it was great.
Thanks again, and I’ll contact you again when I’ll be in Italy again. You can use my name and details for recommendation.

Iris and Doron Cohen    10 September 2014   

Hi Patrizia, We arrived this morning from a great week in Italy.
The car you suggested, the apartments you offered us in Rome and Tuscany and the dozen tips you gave us made our vacation an unforgettable one!Thank you for your efforts and your ability to accommodate everything to our personal needs.
Please send our sincere thanks and appreciations to wonderful Patrizia from San Leo farm that offered us her pleasant presence (and birthday cake!) except of a beautiful place to stay. Thank also Francesco that maintained the amazing apartment in Rome so well.
Best regards

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Apartments carefully chosen in order to provide a much more comfortable and affordable accommodation than other rental company do.

The Ten Things to do in Rome

When someone says “Rome wasn’t built in a day” he means that it takes a long time to do an important job. Rome is the Eternal City

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We verify in person all the services that we offer in order to provide the best accommodation and the best services. We live in Rome, We are an Italian team